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A Twisted Gears Studios Production


Venturing the cosmos is hard work. For Lorell, Klip-Tik, Flinch and Grek, it's also a thankless job. If the monsters, supernovas, universe ending paradoxes, ancient Gods, robots, poisons, or homicidal pirates don't end them, then Grek's flying surely will...

Nov 27, 2020

Log Entry 02.06 - Rite of Entry

Now back together, the crew begin the gruelling trial to enter the temple and hopefully find a way to hatch the Outer Dragon Egg.

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Nov 24, 2020

Log Entry 02.09 - Monkey Business - SPACERS

*Warning Log Failure - Record of Kala Interaction Missing*

The crew wake up after their conversation with Kala to discuss their potentially longer stay on Kairos Prime.  Flinch continues to grow his relationship with newly discovered Klippy-2...

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Nov 10, 2020

Log Entry 02.08- Rite of Entry Prt 3 - SPACERS

Our Spacers continue to struggle during the Rite to enter the temple.  Tex is wounded badly as Lorrel continues to smashes many drones as she can.  Upstairs the team struggle with a growing army of drones and a troublesome dial...

#TheTwistedGear, #tabletop, #ymm,...